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I have a VM I am trying to clean up for backup and I can not compact it now.


What I have done is :


From VMware® Workstation 15 Pro :


Linux VM


100gb disk not pre-allocated 40gb shown used in VM files (2gb really used on virtual disk)


defragged disk (Worked) Took a while to complete

Compacted disk (Worked 1st time) Took a while to complete


Disks did not shrink at all


I realized there was a snapshot so I deleted it.Took a while to complete.


Now Disk says 88GB used ! (Still only 2gb of files on Virtual disk)


Tried compact and defrag again and both finish immediately with no errors.


Disk not compacted or shrunk at all.


tried :


# vmware-toolbox-cmd disk shrink /

Shrink disk is disabled for this virtual machine.


What is going on here ? This all used to work….

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