cant reach vcenter:5480

I have scoured the internet and either I looked at all the pages regarding this topic or I am just dense.

Lets be honest, it is probably the latter.

ESXI 6.7 on hosts
VCenter 7

I started setting up Enhanced Link Mode and it failed. I restored from a snapshot and then started diving back in.

I went to [https://vcenter.vsphere.local](https://vcenter.vsphere.local):5480 and page will not come online.

I have checked services and they are started. I restarted lighttpd and still nothing.

As it seems VCenter is functioning like a champ but I just can’t get to the config page.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Hi,

    Is your vCenter Server resolvable in DNS?

    What does the vCenter Server DCUI displays?

    I assume there is no firewall blocking port 5480, right?

  2. If the vSphere Web Console for vCenter becomes unresponsive and is just spinning on login, try the following:

    – SSH to vCenter, log in as root
    – First list all services and their status:
    – `service-control –status`
    – Try restarting the vmware-vpxd service, which includes Tomcat web server:
    – `service vmware-vpxd restart`
    – Failing that try restarting all services:

    – `service-control –stop –all`
    – `service-control –start –all`

    – Failing that reboot the server
    – See here for more info:

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