Can’t seem to use all 4TB on 4TB drive

I am trying to install windows 7 onto a 4tb WD elements usb drive using workstation 14 but it won’t let me utilize the whole drive, I have windows 7 32bit and 64 bit iso’s and trying to use either I get the same message about easy install and a 2tb limit

[img][https://i.ibb.co/72qg4kJ/vm1.jpg](https://i.ibb.co/72qg4kJ/vm1.jpg)[/img] [img][https://i.ibb.co/qxdHHfg/vm.jpg](https://i.ibb.co/qxdHHfg/vm.jpg)[/img]

Anyone know how I can install windows 7 and use the full drive?


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  1. Partitioning a 4TB disk into a single partition requires that partition to have a GUID partition table.

    Windows 7 can boot from a disk with a GUID partition table only if the underlying environment is EFI, not legacy BIOS.

    If the machine does not have an EFI environment to install from, you are limited to partitioning the 4TB disk into 2 or more partitions or using the drive with a single GUID partition as D: or E: instead of C:.

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