Can’t upload ISO to vSAN Datastore?

Is this type of shit ever going to get fixed?

On older versions of ESXI, you can’t upload large files and must winSCP them into place.

Is it the same on ESXI 6.7 with vsan? It’ll get to about 2gb/4.9gb and fail.

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  1. I was actually just about to post a similar question.

    I ran into the same issue recently, and I was unable to upload an ISO, not only to a vSAN datastore, but also to local datastores on each vSAN node through the individual host’s web interface and datastore browser.

  2. A few things…

    1. If you upload it into a folder that’s a namespace object there is a 255GB limit. There was a fix/workaround for this limit for VCD templates (I’d have to research what they did for that).
    2. Personally I’ve always hated uploading ISO’s (even without VSAN) through a web browser (Large file uploads over HTTPS break too often) and SCP requires you open SSH which secuirty hated. This isn’t just a VSAN issue.
    3. My solution? given ISO performance doesn’t have to be a million IOPS, I’d just build an NFS Export to host my ISOs. If you don’t like Linux even the awful Windows NFS services will cover your needs here. Setting up a NFS Export with no_root_squash takes 2 minutes on linux FWIW. Doing this with a windows server means you can SMB3 your heart out to upload stuff to the ISO share. Want a VSA that’s supported? The free Unity VSA will cover this use case just fine.

  3. Network latency? Are you on the same LAN? If not then remote into a jumpbox on that LAN and try the upload from there. I’ve seen this cause issues with vROPs at least.

  4. Never come across this issue? Are you using the vCenter Server H5 Client to upload it?

    Have you tried the direct host client? This has never failed me.

    Also do you have a firewall between the host and client that you are uploading the ISO from? Could be an idle timeout issue?

    Finally, PowerCLI might be an option to upload files too.

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