CentOS7 VM network error – Destination host unreachable

I have been trying to set up a CentOS7 server with vmware, but i just can’t set up the network. I have tried almost everything, but still i get the same error:



This is what i did during installation:

* Set ip address
* Set subnet mask
* Set dns servers
* Set ipv6 to ignore ( Since i’m only using ipv4 )


* The network is active ( Checked it with NetworkManager )
* The network is set to NAT. ( But also note that changing it to Bridge doesn’t change anything )
* The vmnet8 adapter is enabled ( Checked it through control panel of host machine )
* Also vmnet8 is enabled in the Virtual Network Editor

Here is some additional pictures. If you need more, please tell me what.

**less /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33**



Note that when i changed **BOOTPROTO** to **static**, nothing changed.

**ip addr show**




**ip route**



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  1. I don’t see anything regarding a default route, assuming your gateway is at here is the syntax of two options:

    ip route add default via


    route add default gw

  2. Start walking backward.

    Can you reach your gateway? (presumably

    Can you reach other physical machines on your network? (Your desktop’s IP, or ideally another computer entirely)?

    Can you reach other VMs with the same networking settings (but different IP, of course)?

    Check each of these and we should have an easier time diagnosing your issue.

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