Certication Needed?

I’m been working as a Systems Admin for a year now and have been using ESXi and vSphere during that time. My background is mostly Hyper=V and have numerous Microsoft certificates that have definitely helped me get some jobs way back when. I know I’m still new to VMWare and as I look for new jobs is certificates important when it comes to VMWare. I’m still new but I do have basic understanding. Thanks.

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  1. Depends where you’re trying to go, internal roles will care more about experience but certificates are a good supplement, MSP’s like them as normally it helps their partnership status, vendors want them as well normally if it’s aligned.

  2. VCP is expensive for an individual. If your employer requires it they will likely pay for it. Get esxi free and a trial of vcsa and get some familiarity with datastores, vswitch, Vcenter, making VMs, Monitoring Performance. If you’re comfy with HyperV you’ll transition fine.

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