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As a long running vmware admin my most recent certification up until last December was vcp4. Dediced it was time for a refresh so i passed the foundations, vcp-dcv, dcv-nv, vsan expert and vcloud expert exams during the holliday season. Was eagerly awaiting my badges but all that showed was foundations. Today i contacted vmware education only to hear i need a mandatory vcp-dcv course to unlock all badges… Oops …

Anyone had this before? and may be recommend a cheap solution? I’m not real keen to hand out 3k euro for mediocre lunches during course days. I’ve even heard rumours i have to actually attend in order to get registered that i took the course.

This all seems like really silly requirements though. I have about 7 paid courses under my account ranging from nsx, vra, vcav, etc. so it’s not like their not getting my money anyway. Sjees, very frustrating

Guess i should have read better …

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  1. I don’t know how much truth there is to what I’m about to tell you but might be a route you could go. If you are CCNA certified I heard VMWare takes that with 2+years of experience as a option to the mandatory course.

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