Changing IP Addresses for vCenter and hosts in vSAN environment

Hi all,

I need to stage and deploy a vSAN environment with my own IP’s before arriving in the customer environment.

The system will then need to have ALL IP addresses changed after arriving in the customer environment. What can/will go wrong?

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  1. IMO you’d probably spend more time fixing DNS, services, and re-iping than just building fresh on site.

    I would also tell the customer that without that information nothing can be pre-built. The product requires DNS forward/reverse records, and changing IP’s may only be a portion of the issues you would run into.

  2. First, you want to be on 6.7u3 for this. A lot of the typical vcenter problems were unfucked in this release. Second, vsan will be down until you either fix DNS or add host files. Third, if you have to recover vsan because it went down and isnt coming back on its own after fixing DNS, run a network sanity check (ping, service verification on vmkernel, mtu, etc) and then start paying attention to object IDs. You can rebuild with the object IDs.

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