Clarification of changes to Stanly 7.0 ICM and O&S courses

Based on recommendations from this sub I decided to go with the [Stanly.edu](https://Stanly.edu) route to get my VCP-DCV cert. I’m starting my 7.0 ICM class today and was concerned to see that the class syllabus was revised to remove references to the VCP exam and change them to talk about the VCTA exam instead. From what I understand you used to be able to only take the ICM class and get a voucher that would work to take the VCP exam. This seems to have changed with 7.0 and the introduction of the new VCTA exam. I emailed them to get clarification on how things work now and this is the reply I got.

`According to VMware’s official recommended certification track ICM will fulfill the class requirement for the VCP exam. However we do not give out vouchers for the VCP exam in ICM so you will have to take the VCP at full price. Also, the only way VMware knows who has taken our classes is through the voucher system, so you must use the unproctored voucher you receive in ICM to take and pass the VCAT (or any other unproctored VMware exam) for VMware to count you as having taken the ICM class.`

`The O&S class will also fulfill the class requirement, and we give out the VCP voucher at the end of it.  However, it is an advanced class and is not recommended for anyone that has not taken previous versions of the VCP Exam or does not have experience with VMware.`

`Again, SCC’s recommended certification track is to take and pass the ICM class, then take the v7 VCTA exam with the ICM voucher, then take and pass the O&S class, and take the v7 VCP exam with the O&S voucher. SCC feels that the ICM class alone is not enough to fully prepare a student for the VCP exam and VMware datacenter administration in general.`

So it sounds like most of the folks here with previous experience would probably just skip to the O&S class directly since the intro-level ICM class only gets you a voucher for the VCTA. I’m just going to stay in the ICM class because I’m still on the waiting list for O&S and I don’t really see any harm in just getting both certs like they intend. I figured I would share my experience since I’m not sure if this info is out there yet with the 7.0 courses being new.

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  1. Take them both. I have taken both several times. I admittedly don’t learn much more with each pass, but I find Stanly classes easy to take, and tend to knock out the class in a couple weeks.

    If I was to sign up again, I’d take O&S, and use it to renew my VCAP and VCP.

    Your quote from Stanly though explains a bit. I took the O&S last year, and then had to fight with VMware to actually renew my certs. It took a few weeks of back and forth and quoting their website to get my renewals passed. I did not take the exams again, because for a renewal the only requirement is to take the class.

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