Concept of Windows OS license when using virtualization

Concept of Windows OS license when using virtualization

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  1. It’s been made and kept arcane and incomprehensible for a reason.

    The end result is one of two things: People get scared and overpay to make damn sure they’re not in violation, or people screw up and don’t get enough and Microsoft investigates and fines them later.

    If you find someone who says they understand Microsoft licensing, you’re looking at someone delusional or lying on purpose… 🙂

    For instance, that article forgot about printers. Any company will have them. Each and every one of them needs a device CAL.

    Have a Wifi system? It uses DHCP – from a Windows server? Every device that connects to your network now needs either a user or device cal. Including the phones your people bring with them from home. Of course you can license that another, and less onerous, way but that too needs licensing. They get you everywhere they can, and due to the monopoly, well…

    [This Deal’s Getting Worse All The Time | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpE_xMRiCLE)

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