Configure iSCSI network port bindings blank

Configure iSCSI network port bindings blank

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  1. The iSCSI software adapter says it’s offline and I can’t scan for datastores. When I look into the configuration, I see that network port bindings is blank. It doesn’t look this way on any other of my ESXI hosts. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling iSCSI as well as restarting the host. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Any ideas on how to fix it?

  2. Funny, I have the same issue right now with my home lab 🙂

    Had 3 intel nucs

    2 worked, one didnt, same as yours


    So I disabled the iscsi and rebooted it and re-created it again.

    Worked this time, might just be lucky 🙂

  3. Usually the iSCSI Software Adapter is vmhba64. Can you validate that the the iSCSI isnt a physical NIC vs the Software Adapter. Are your other hosts using vmhba64? Did you recently upgrade? Sometimes after an upgrade Storage adapters HBA’s change names.

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