Configuring Fresh New vCenter Appliance 6.7


I am planning to deploy and install a fresh new VCSA 6.7 for my new environment and then attaching the old hosts to it.

After deploying I am configuring the details below. Did I miss anything?

– License
– Distributed Switches
– Join Domain
– Adding AD authentication source and adding groups
– creating clusters

Any other parts that I’ve missed?

Thank you!

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  1. One that doesn’t get discussed enough IMO is creating the DNS records for the hosts and the planned name for your VCSA before deployment. I had so many clients fail deployments because of failed DNS resolution that a ten second record add would have prevented.

    Wasn’t part of what you asked I know but thought I’d throw it out there.

  2. Im assuming physical networking is taken care of for management and vMotion. DNS. I would have those as first steps personally.

    Are you intentionally starting from scratch or upgrading from a previous VCSA?

    I ask because the installer holds your hand and saves all your previous settings.

  3. * Patch from the ISO build to the latest patch level.
    * Setup file based backups of the vCenter config.
    * Create/Recreate the folder and permission structures prior to adding hosts, especially if the VM’s are in production and other users are managing them.
    * Configure/Reconfigure any applications that integrate with vcenter (backup/monitoring/automation)
    * Setup VUM with any 3rd party sources and create any baselines needed
    * Recreate any custom DRS rules, Alarms, etc
    * Set and document password expiration policies. I tend to remember this AFTER the passwords expire.

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