Connect windows vm to the internet

Hello lads

I’ve bought a server in a datacenter for testing purposes.

I installed a esxi on it which i can reach via browser. I can login to the management site create vms networking storage so basically looks everything good apart that my vm can’t connect to the internet.

How should i set up my VMware network in order to the windows has access to the internet.

So the server has 1 nic with 1 public ip. Using the default vswitch. On the switch there is the management group and the vm group. The management group has the external ip.

Both group in the default vlan 0.

Thanks for the help in advance


I know it’s not an option set up later on I’ll install a pfsense and buy an ip address so the management and the vms will be on different ip.

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  1. How many IPs do you get with that server? ESXi will use bridged networking by default, your VMs Ethernet frames make it out onto the datacentre’s network unmodified, and your Windows VM may be trying to get a DHCP address, which the datacentre may not run. If you only have a single IP then you may also find that you can’t have more than one MAC on the switch port you’re on.

    What you probably want is a NAT network, but that’s not trivial in ESXi like it is for the end user products like Workstation/Fusion/etc.

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