Connecting 2 VMWare Workstation sessions (Non-Pro)

So I got a interesting problem and I’m pretty sure I know the answer but I thought I’d ask.

Does anyone here know if its possible to use VMWare for Workstation 15 to launch 2 separate instances of Windows 10 and then connect them so they could “talk” to the other one using pings, etc? I was thinking put them on a host-to-host network on the same subnet.

From what I understand only the Pro version of VMWare for Workstation 15 offers this capability but I thought I’d check on Reddit before giving up.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I believe any of VMware’s workstation virtualization tools, as well as most others, can do this. Just create two VMs and put them on the same NAT or Bridged network (I prefer the latter).

    This would be a guest-to-guest network rather than a host-to-host network. Both Windows 10 guests are on the same host.

  2. Yes.. i have created multiple windows vm guests using bridged networking and they all get an ip address from the physical router on your lan., or whatever is your lan dhcp server.
    Since everything is on the same subnet, everything can ping everything else, from vm to vm, to host from guest and from guest to host.
    I’m using workstation pro 15 not vmplayer 15

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