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So this worked perfectly in horizon 6 and win 7.  Apparently something has changed in Horizon 7 or Win10 1803.


Really easy to do and here are the basic steps:


  • Create a manual pool, add the physical desktops, entitle, etc.
  • Toss the view agent on the physical desktop
  • Access the physical desktop through the Horizon Client.


Before in Horizon 6 and Win7…Maybe even Win10, users could lock their physical desktop, drive home and reconnect to it via the Horizon client. It would merely unlock the workstation and they could pickup where they left off.


Now…With Horizon 7 and the new agent and clients, users can not do this.  If they lock their desktop, drive home and attempt to connect to it via the View Client, they are greeted with the below messages and can can not get to their machine..  Does anyone now how I can get around this besides having users logoff before the leave the office if they intend to work from home?  Starting here before raising an SR so thanks for looking.



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