Consistently slower internet downloads

I’m relatively new to VSphere and have an issue I’m hoping I can get some direction on how best to trouble shoot.

I’m running a Poweredge T610 with dual x5690’s, 128GB RAM and PERC700 with 8x 10k SAS. X520 10gb and onboard Netxtreme II gigabit nics. Running esxi 6.7 with very latest patch revision.

I’m finding that downloading from a Win10 guest VM google drive will max out at around 16MB/ps where I can download from other physical hosts at upwards of 70MBps (even at the same time as other transfers). Tried a few versions of Win10 (2004 and 1909)

I’ve adjusted memory (up to 32gb), vcpus (2 and 4), vmxnet and 1000e virtual nics and tested against both x520 and the onboard gigabit nic and same result. Monitored cpu, memory and disk of the vm and the host and nothing stands out as a potential red (or even cautionary) flag.

What else can/should I do to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for any advice!

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