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Ok gurus… one vCenter (ver 6.7), one subscribed content library, 3 clusters. One of the clusters is behind a firewall (DMZ) and the datastore for the CL is only presented to one of the non-DMZ clusters (we don’t use ISOs so do not really need it presented to every cluster)

I can deploy a vm from the CL to the non-DMZ clusters no probs (both of them, the one connected to the CL datastore and the one not connected). When I try the same to DMZ I get “Transfer File(s) – Cannot connect to host” – this error is actually on a random non-DMZ host that is in the cluster that has access to the CL datastore. **No traffic gets dropped in the FW!** I was sure it would be port 902 from the randomly-picked CL datastore-connected host to the DMZ host, but nothing at all gets dropped!

Sorry if this looks a little confusing, I’ve tried to explain as best I can!

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