Cost to add one host to vCenter cluster

I’m not the primary VMware guy in our group so I don’t know the answer to this off the top of my head (and the primary guy is out of the office). I would like to plan to add an additional host to the environment but one that does not participate in vSan. Is there a cost to adding a node to an existing vCenter cluster? I already have hardware.


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  1. vCenter and vSAN are not interchangeable terms.
    vCenter is the management interface, usually runs with one per data centre (or cluster of DCs), and can manage whatever vSphere hosts are presented to it with the appropriate licence.
    You know what vSAN is.

    You can manage multiple vSAN clusters from a single vCenter, alongside other clusters that don’t have vSAN licensing.

  2. What is the purpose of adding the additional node? Does it need to access vSAN storage? If yes then it needs to be added to the vSAN cluster. There will be license costs for the ESXi host – but you may already have some on your account depending on how the primary VMware guy buys his licensing.

  3. Yes, you’ll need the vSphere CPU licenses and even though that host isn’t participating in serving up storage, you still need vSAN licenses per CPU as well. You can add a host without storage like you’re doing as well.

  4. Yes there is a cost but I don’t believe you can add a regular host into a vSAN enabled cluster. It will expect to take part.

    You’ll need to have a separate cluster for the single host.

    You should get prices from your reseller/account manager.

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