CPU RAM Hot add enable without downtime

Hi all,

I need a way to enable the CPU & RAM hot add feature.
Challenge is without rebooting or taking the vm down.

Can anyone guide me if there is anyway this can be done.

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  1. Feeding it a config spec with PowerCLI will update the setting, but it won’t take effect until a reboot. I’m sure using the SDK by other means will have the same effect

  2. If you can’t take the VM down, chances are you probably *don’t* want to enable this setting. It can cause a slight performance degradation. You should research into it a bit more…

  3. Remember that cpu hot add will disable numa if you have a high cpu vm. Also, you might need a reboot of the VM anyway for your app to recognize the additional cpu.

  4. This is not possible. When you have those disabled vNUMA node(s) are created. When you enable hot swap. no vNUMA nodes can exist. The only way for that to happen is to completely power off the VM and then turn it back on.

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