Create a copy of dvSwitch?

I have a dvSwitch (named A ) that I would like to copy the configuration from and name B.

Can I use “Export configuration” as per the precedure:


And then import the configuration to create a new dvSwitch in the same vSphere environment?


This is in a production environment so I don’t really want to fuck anything up.

English is not my primary language so i am not sure if I am reading the guides right or misinterpreting something

Any help greatly appreciated

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  1. If it’s under a different datacenter in vCenter you can do that, if it’s the same it won’t work as the name of the switch is restored and you can’t have two with the same name..

  2. Make sure you put each dvswitch in separate network folders if they’re in the same datacenter. You can’t have multiple port groups with the same name if they’re in the same network folders.

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