Creating a MacOS Station To Be Booted From A USB 3.0 Connected To A Windows PC


I’m trying to create a MacOS station on my Dell PC. I achieved this on my other laptop already, but the PC didn’t have enough RAM (4Gb needed) to use Xcode properly. This PC does have enough RAM (8Gb RAM board, 4Gb needed for Xcode), however I can’t free up more than 34Gb of memory from the solid state drive.

I have a 256Gb sandisk USB 3.0, the necessary ISO file, and VMware workstation 15 and an unlocker. Is it possible to boot VMware and the MacOS station from the USB drive, while still allocating 4Gb of RAM to the station?

Any help / guidance is appreciated. If I need to specify any further technical detail or context just let me know.

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