Cross Vcenter migration




I will migrate ~1500 (mostly production) Virtual Machines from their current vSphere environment to a new.

I will use Cross Vcenter migration tool for this job.


we will be using the same storage on both sides.


Migrate workflow:

-Export any Virtual Switches or VDS into the new environment and ensure all of your portgroups have the exact same names and switch versions.

-Export your folder structure and/or Permissions to the new environment.


My questions are :

Is this the correct workflow to do the operation? Is there any missing step?

Is there any extra setting to visible datastores in both vCenter environments?

After cross vcenter migrate , will be CBT reset?

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  1. You could script the creation of the VDSs using get-vdswitch and new-vdswitch so you can ensure they are identical.

    You can also script the folder migration as well, it’s a little more fiddly but there are some examples if you Google.

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