Datastore Clusters and Initial Placement


Other than turning on SDRS for my datastore clusters in vmware, what other settings do I actually need to enable to on the DSC for **initial placement** to work and to balance VM’s based on size?

I will be leaving automation mode to manual, I just wasn’t sure if IO Metric Inclusion needed to be enabled for initial placement to work properly and if any of the thresholds needed to be set. Does initial placement require any thresholds or can it determine space metrics with simply just having SDRS being enabled?


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  1. Io metrics don’t need to be enabled. With sdrs set to auto, it will automatically pick the best datastore or do some svmotions to accommodate the VM placement. In manual mode, it will pop up a window and say “this is where I’m placing this VM, cool or override?” Or if it has to make other moves, “I need to make these other moves to place your VM, cool or override?”

    It may have to make moves to fit a vm by shuffling other vms around to make enough contiguous space for your vmdks.

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