Debian looses network connection after vmotion.

Hello everyone!

Recently i’ve been having some problems where our Debian SFTP server looses network connection to the internet and gateway after a vmotion to a new host. I then have to 50% of the time disconnect network card in vsphere and the other 50% full power off and power on, as reboot dosn’t fix it.

Any of you guys have experienced this problem before ?

OS: Debian 10

vCenter: 6.5 14020092

ESXI: VMware ESXi, 6.0.0, 3380124

vmware tools: open-vm-tools

vm netcard: VMXNET 3

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  1. It can be a multitude of different reasons for this. It’s time to dig in your esxi and guest OS logs.
    Based on what you find in those logs, you have to use your google fu to try to pinpoint what’s happening.

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