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Hi all, I just found that the VMware’s debugStub feature does not work on Windows 10 2004, Hyper-V enabled pc.


I enable the VirtualMachinePlatform on Windows 10 2004 to enable the wsl2 and install VMware 15.5.6 build-16341506.

It seems to work perfectly with the Hyper-V, but there’s a problem with debugStub.

VMware does not make a listen-socket, so I cannot connect to the guest OS.

There is no log about the debugStub on the vmware.log file.


When I disable the VirtualMachinPlatform feature, VMware’s debugStub feature works fine.

It creates the listening socket, and it is possible to connect to the guest OS.


Is there any plan to support the debugStub feature on Hyper-V enabled machine? or is it technically impossible to use debugStub feature on Hyper-V-enabled machine?

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