Dedicate a graphics card to a single VM OS (Please Help)

I have 2 1070 Ti NVIDIA Graphics Cards in a single PC. Is there any way to dedicate one of them to a single VM? I am trying to play Destiny 2 in a VM but they don’t support virtualization, so I’m trying to trick the game into thinking I’m on a real computer. The issue here is the display adapter for the VM uses “VMware SVGA 3D” I want it to use one of my NVIDA 1070 GPU’s instead. Does anybody have a solution for this? I’ve been stuck here for hours trying to figure this out with no success. Thank you in advance.

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  1. VMWare Workstation does not support PCI passthrough. It’ll rely on the host to accelerate 3D graphics with overhead and likely won’t give good performance due to this.

    ESXi has a flag in the vmx file that allows for the guest OS to appear as if it’s not a VM. You can install it to the usb installer you create which is convenient if you don’t have another drive.

    “hypervisor.cpuid.v0=FALSE” is the setting you want. After you pass through the GPU enter this flag and you’ll get the “code 43” error to go away also. I don’t know if this can be appended to your vmx file in Workstation with the same success. Destiny should know to use the 1070 the same as if “VMWare SVGA” was an integrated GPU.

    This is also what u/mikelim7 suggested

  2. Can this be done? Probably, but not in the way you’re trying. Should this be done? Not really. ESXi you’re looking at no longer being able to use your PC as a PC, and you have to use a second PC to connect to it. It has become a server, just to get around a 1 game lockout. I doubt this is what you’re wanting.

    You’re better off changing enough hardware in your system to change your HWID. Sounds like it’s time for a system upgrade. Migrate to a new, faster SSD (maybe go NVMe?) & a 2070 GPU.

    Only other option is to check out the Destiny subreddit, talk to people there about appealing your ban.

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