Delay host boot

Is there a way to delay the boot of an ESXi 6.7 host on my homelab?

After a power failure, my FreeNAS system isn’t quite ready for iSCSI. When VMware tries to mount the datastores and isn’t able to, autostart fails. I have to refresh the storage adapter manually and then boot my VMs.


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  1. also some power delivery PDU (fancy power cord with controller) can delay switching on

    vcenter (with licence ) can retry vm start after esx is ready. You can get vcenter homelab licence.

  2. Some UPS’s allow for groups of devices to be switched on (or off) with a delay.

    On my APC UPS – I have use two power groups. The first one boots right away – the network hardware, SAN, NAS, etc. The second group has a 5 minute power on delay which is where my esxi hosts live.

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