Deleting VM from disk?


I’m using VMware vSphere v6.7 and recently for a project at work, we had to update the Windwos Server OS of an application server so we could upgrade the application software on that server. We wanted to reuse the server names, so to keep a long story short, basically I spun up a new VM with a temporary name, and our application team worked on installing the software on the new VM. On the day of the cutover to the upgraded software, I detached all of virtual disks (minus C drive) from the old VM, unjoined from the domain, powered it down, placed it in an isolated virtual network (in case someone inadvertently powered it up) reset the computer account object in AD, and joined the new VM to the domain using the old production server name. I then carried over all of the virtual disks from the old VM to the new VM, and things were working as expected.


It has been a few weeks since that work was performed, and things have been stable enough for us to feel comfortable deleting the old VM to reclaim some space on the SAN. I want to delete the virtual machine from disk, but a warning popped up that made me reconsider.


Since the virtual disks once belonged to the old VM, would deleting that VM from disk also delete the virtual disk files that I have carried over to the new VM? If so, what is the best practice for this?


Hopefully the question makes sense. Please let me know if there is any clarification needed.

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  1. The best practice is not to attach the disks of the old VM to the new ;p

    But it’s done, so…

    To be sure, I would :

    1. Detach the disks from the old VM, if not already done (do NOT tick “Delete files from datastore”)
    2. If you have another datastore, move the new VM to the new datastore
    3. Delete the old VM from disk.

    Step 1 is mandatory, unless you want to test your restore procedures.

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