Dell r720xd ESXi config changes not persisting through graceful reboot.

I have esxi installed onto a usb drive that is in the motherboard USB slot. No changes (static IP, port group creation) persist after a reboot.Used custom Dell ESXi image 6.7u3

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  1. OP, 6.7 isnt supported on 12G Dell platforms, to even be in a supported config you need to be on 6.5 or lower. I doubt this is the issue, but if you engage support they will call this out

  2. i have 10 x R720’s running with esxi 6.7 U3 with no probs and all running with internal USB sticks.

    are you running with over 512 gb ram?…these servers should be installed to disk.

    just because the usb stick is new, doesnt mean it is not prone to having a problem.
    i have a bad batch of patriot brand USB sticks all purchased at the same time that are all failing within weeks (7 of them have failed). previous versions of partiot sticks have worked flawlessly. all im saying is that they can fail even if new and can be batch dependent.

    i am running the vmware deployed version of esxi…not the dell version.

  3. Used custom Dell ESXi image 6.7u3 <- this is probably your problem.

    Use the GA release from VMware, the Dell bloatware packaged alongside doesn’t have value-add, it has value-PSOD.

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