Deploying VM from template – unable to deploy to datastore on second ESXi box — Also, how to upgrade properly?

hey Folks.

After some personal matters that consumed the last few months, I finally dusted off my (2) esxi servers and am starting to rebuild my work lab at home.

First, I am a VMUG subscriber and just renewed.

I have (2) esxi boxes and vcenter sever manage both. I do NOT have any shared storage at the moment.

I usually deploy VM’s from a template. This template exists on my second server datastore. It has been awhile, but I thought I could deploy a VM from that template to the first esxi server? I get an error it cannot talk to it, even though it shows up in the console?

I may be rusty on my knowledge, but looking for help.


Secondly, recommended approach for upgrade the ESXi hosts and vCenter server? Both are at 6.7.0.


Many thanks my friends



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  1. To your first question about the template. No you cannot deploy across no shared storage. You would need to move everything over to the other host to do so. Your second host cannot see your first hosts datastore.


    For upgrading, you want to upgrade your vCenter server first. In my lab i typically do this through the management page https://<yourvecentername&gt;:5480/login and then i usually grab ISOs of the latest ESXi build from Dell as all my servers are Dell’s and load that into VUM and upgrade through there.

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