Determining disk provisioning type from w/in a linux VM

Hello all, My employer sells a virtual appliance based product that absolutely requires thick provisioning. The OVA comes with all the settings preconfigured as they should be. Unfortunately, as at any large org the people using our product usually don’t admin the vmware cluster and these requirements aren’t passed on to who ever does the deployment. Often the disk settings will be changed to ‘thin’.

The necessity for thick-provisioning, etc is out of scope for this question and I can’t get into it anyway, but my ask is this: From within a running linux VM can one determine the disk provisioning type for that VM? I’ve looked all over the internet and have seen this question asked but not answered satisfactorily. I think the answer is no.

Virtual machine requirements only require ESXI of v5.5 or later.

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  1. You won’t be able to. If it’s an absolute requirement (really want to get into that but will respect it for now), then your company should stress that to the customers, so that requirement can be passed on. That, or request a VMware admin on the call to talk that part over.

  2. You can’t get this from within the VM. Care to elaborate on the Thick requirement? Storage has moved on a lot to the point now where it’s typically irrelevant. Especially when you could have a thick VM on a thin provisioned SAN.

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