DirectX in virtual machine

I’ve been experimenting with the virtual machines lately however I’m stuck now.

For some reason I cannot run programs that use directx. I have a RTX2080 and the host computer runs on directx 12. The virtual machine is running on directx 11 for some reason and and when I launch GTA V(the software I’m using to test the performance) it tells me that it needs at least directx 10 or higher and it crashed the game.

The vmware version I’m using is workstation 16 player and I’m running windows 7 pro.

I’m also concern that the vm isn’t gonna be good enough for any kind of load as it’s slow at loading things and “rubbery” even if it has 4/4 cpu cores, 10/16GB ram and 4/8GB Vram.

I’m gonna add some pictures to show the setup and the problem I’m having

[GTA V error](https://preview.redd.it/mhrp7h3jno261.png?width=467&format=png&auto=webp&s=e7b0e5a3fbfc41895cf6c465202d743e17b0777d)


[Dxdiag system tab](https://preview.redd.it/itj7gyhqno261.png?width=747&format=png&auto=webp&s=f36e29c458a039b26298ed798f6e353eff300b95)


[Dxdiag display tab](https://preview.redd.it/1ylyzirrno261.png?width=747&format=png&auto=webp&s=e81cda1734d539919243065678943438702af5ca)

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  1. What you are trying to do uses Vt-d, you need to passthrough your VGA to the VM. Sadly that’s not supported on Workstation but on ESXi.

  2. To get the latest graphics support, you need the latest guest Tools installed, and the VM has to be upgraded to the latest compatibility version. If your host OS and Workstation product support something that you’re not seeing in the VM, usually one of those is too old.

  3. This requires PCIe passthrough of the GPU, which can only really be done with ESXi, not Workstation. Adding to that, VMware is pretty picky about what GPUs can be passed through.

    If you want more freedom, you’ll need to use a free, or lower cost option like UnRAID.

  4. Generally you want PCIe passthrough and ESXi (or ovirt, kvm, etc.).

    But it’s interesting to see how things fare in Workstation.

    First off, make sure the VM’s settings for the Display is checked/enabled for “Accelerate 3D graphics” and give the virtual GPU a few gigs of memory.

    Second, as others advised, make sure that VMware-Tools is installed (when it is, you’ll see a grey “VM” tray icon for it). Additionally, you’ll find the overall console smoother and you can mouse in and out without pressing control+alt (unless you disabled that, which may be desired if you’re gaming).

    I think WS16 should have a directx API level enough for GTA, but perf won’t be awesome probably, still. Worth a check at least. Maybe you want to test performance and benchmark for comparative reasons, so have at it.

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