Disabling TLS on vSphere 6.5

Hi folks, trying to disable TLS on our vSphere hosts here, the documentation says to use the TLS Configurator Utility but i’ll be damned if I can locate the download page for this tool. Can anyone help?

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  1. Do you mean disable the deprecated TLS 1.0 / 1.1 versions leaving TLS 1.2 enabled, or do you mean disable TLS _entirely_?

    I’m guessing it’s the former, and if so then you can find it [here on the vCenter 6.5 download page](https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/details?downloadGroup=VC65U3F&productId=614) — look for “VMware vSphere TLS Configurator”, it’s the third item, under the appliance update bundle.

    If it’s the latter, i.e. run without any sort of encryption, then no, it can’t be done.

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