Disaster recovery ideas

Please suggest some of the ways I can get the DR setup on this vdi environment.

I have two linked vCenters 6.7, with each running vdis locally on vsan hosts and separate horizon servers. Very simple setup, no security servers or load balancers users connect to specific connection server.
I want to be able to run all vdis from one location when the other is down. I can replicate the vdis vice versa but the vdis don’t always work when moved between vCenters.
These are manual pools and assigned to specific users. Cloud pod might be an option but I’m not sure I can assign a specific vdi to a specific user.

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  1. For VDI, load balancers.

    Not only will it redirect users to the other site in an outage, they’ll ensure even distribution of users across all nodes.

    Kemp do some affordable options. F5 for the pricey end of the spectrum.

  2. DR isn’t the same as redundancy.

    Disaster means disaster, not “oops minor malfunction”. As in, terrorists just blew up your entire data center. What do you do?

    If you want to ensure availability you need to connect to one point (a load balancer) and the two sites need to be equal and set up in identical fashion. As in, no more of that “VDI in specific places only” stuff.

    But that’s still not fully secured, you also need backups of everything on both sites to a third site, so in case terrorists blow up both your data centers, you can still recover from backups.

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