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I get disconnected immediately after login. It doesn’t matter if I’m using hardware (zero) client or Horizon View Software Client.

It happens to all users.

Entering Windows-Login Credentials > circling dots with “Waiting for User Profile Service” > circling dots with “User Settings are applied” > Horizon Client Error Message “Connection to remote desktop closed” (horizon admin console says “user disconnected”



I run into this issue by upgrading from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2.

I have a working Horizon View Environment with Horizon Servers at 7.1.0 and Horizon Desktop Agent 7.1.0.

My Desktops are running Windows Server 2008 R2. Everything works fine. I want to upgrade my Clients to Windows Server 2012 R2.

So I powerd on my desktop master and ran Windows Upgrade. After successful Upgrade to Windows Server 2012 I verifyed that all my applications are still working in the master. Then I created a new snapshot went to my working W2008 pool and clicked on “View Composer -> Recompose”

I selected the new snapshot with S2012. Horizon View deployed my new Desktop Clients, but nobody can log on because getting immediately disconnected. Horizon View Agent is installed without “Persona Management” and without “virtual print” but with USB-Redirection.

I haven`t changed any hardware, firewall or pool settings. just changed the snapshot.

I am using VMXNET3 as ethernet adapter, VM Version 10 and QuickPrep



What I tried so far to solve this problem:

-> uninstalled Horizon Agent 7.1.0 (with regclean and reboot) and re-installed it

-> uninstalled Horizon Agent 7.1.0 and installed Horizon Agent 7.2.0 (Connection Servers and Composer are still 7.1.0)

-> verified that Windows Server 2012 is supported with Horizon Agent 7.1.0

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Windows Server 2008 is EOL so I need to update soon. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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