Disk Mode for the ESXi VM. What is it and how do we use it?

Every admin knows a few tricks to find a short way when testing your VMs. Some of them are neat, and some aren’t, such as snapshots. Disk Mode in VMware ESXI allows you to replace this technology with a safe alternative!

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  1. I use this at home. I have a vm set up just for web browsing and testing downloaded software. If the VM gets crapped up, I just power it off and all the bad stuff just goes away.

  2. Interesting, thanks.

    So just to check myself: independent-non-persistent acts exactly like a normal disk until you stop the VM, when it resets back to the point at which it was changed to independent-non-persistent? (Or if you revert to a snapshot when it reverts as expected)?

    To create the initial state do I use a dependent disk first then switch it to independent-non-persist? Does the VM need to be stopped to do that?

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