Do I have this Horizon View update path correct?

I’m currently tasked with updating Horizon View from 7.6 to 7.13. There is a ton of information and I’m getting lost on the process and which pieces needed to be updated. This is what I have and the order I think it should be done in:

* 2 UAGs, v3.7 which should be updated first I believe (at least v3.7.2)
* Composer v7.6, update 2nd
* 2 Connection servers v7.6, update 3rd
* Horizon Agent v7.6.0, update 4th
* VMware Tools v 10.2.1, can be left as is for now
* vCentre 6.5u2, can be left as is for now
* ESXi 6.5u2, can be left as is for now

Does that seem right for an update order? Or am I missing something? Thanks!

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