Do I need to install VCSA on every host?

Hello everyone!

I have 3 servers that I need to install vsphere on. I setup the first, and installed VCSA as a VM.

So, I’m trying to understand if I need to install a VM of VCSA on each baremetal host to administer each host separately?

Does that make sense? I have a windows 10 workstation that I could install Vcenter for Windows.. would that be better option?

Any help would be appreciated! We have a license for essentials (3hosts + 1vcenter)

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  1. No. If you have VCSA installed, once you’re in the vSphere client, just right-click your datacenter and Add Host to add the other two hosts.

    And if you’re on 6.0 or later (which you definitely should be), you don’t want to use the Windows vCenter server. Vmware has moved away from that and the appliance is what you should be using now.

  2. An argument might be made for running the VCSA on something other than the hosts it administers, otherwise it may be unavailable if the host it is on goes down. But no, one vCenter to rule them all.

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