Downgrade VCSA to lower build number?

Is it possible to go back in build numbers on a VCSA 6.7? I need to go from build #15129973 to build #14367737 so all my hosts can be managed by it. What is the best practice to accomplish this?

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  1. Why downgrade ? All the hosts managed at Build#14367737 should still be manageable after upgrading to Build#15129973.

    there is no clean rollback mechanism…. 🙁

  2. The preferred roll-back method is to deploy a new appliance and restore a backup. If there is a better way, then I’m all ears, because I’m not a fan of that.

    That said, I have hosts running the latest 6.0 code (I know, I know) being managed by the latest 6.7 vCenter (6.7 U3f or whatever that includes the vmdird patch) without issue. Can you not upgrade your hosts?

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