Dropping 75% packet lost between Virtual Machines

Hello All,


Let’s see if anyone is having this issue ok?


I’m using Workststion15.5 Pro on Win10 Pro. I am putting together a lab that was 100% working yesterday when all of the Sutton I’m losing packets to a point where the VMs can’t talk to each other.

This is the lab from Navio Learn How to Build a VMware Home Lab in a Complete Walkthrough  The lab is identical to the IPs and networking setup I created incase you had any questions on setup that was working.


Troubleshooting I have done so far.


1. Reinstalled VM Tools.

2. Removed all networking connections. Reset the  networking editor and reboot the PC and applied them again.

3. Backup my VMs then reset the OS back to defaults keeping all my files. Before the I removed any security updates prior to this.

4. From the ESXi server “ping” the other ESXi which failed of course.

5. Rechecked my subnets and create a test environment  in GNS3 with the VMs being routers and wasn’t able to produce the same effect.

6. Tried another VMNet.


Now all these VMs are on “host only” VMNet8 and no NAT or bridging to the physical PC so It all internal.


Now I have a feeling it’s my Windows but before I install Linux I wanted to ask you all.


Thanks in advance.

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