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I’m trying to figure out how to use 2 monitors. I’m running Ubunut 18.04 with a 4k monitor and an HD monitor. Both are recognized and work fine on the local machine.

The  horizon client is version 5.4.1 build 15988340.


i’m connecting to a windows 10 vm on a corporate network. In the guest Display settings, I only see a single display which is the 4k monitor so that is the first question, is true dual monitor at the guest OS level supported? At some point i could see both monitors in some horizon view, similar to what windows would show, ie 2 boxes that can be moved to be side by side or stacked. And they had checkable marks on them (checking both and applying did not show the 2nd monitor) But i no longer see any option in the horizon menu to show this view.


So i do not see any way to pick 2 monitors.


I have also tried stretching the guest desktop image across monitors in one of two ways.


1) If i position the desktop so that it overlaps both local monitors and select full screen – all monitors, then i get a very distorted image where it looks like it has dropped the resoution to HD. it is virtually unusable.


2) i tried was from windowed mode and with the desktop on the 4k monitor,  dragging  the vertical border onto the HD monitor. But for each pixel column the desktop is extended, it ‘robs’ a pixel on the other side, ie it turns black. So that there is never more than 3840 pixels on the virtual desktop.


Is this all consistent with what is supported in the linux horizon client or is there some way to run 2 monitors with independent resolutions?

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