easiest and least costly solution!?

background for future deployment:

several locations, each location has it’s own local domain controller and terminal server on vsphere, all locations connected through vpn to the main offices


the apps made available to the users via terminal server should NOT be locally installed on the server, just packaged/virtualized and appointed to the proper groups while they feel it’s all ran on the server

the app packaging/virtualising solution should be able to support versions of the same app (an erp client with various reg settings for automation varying for each location); the rest of the apps needed are the usual ones – office 365, acrobat reader, a basic accounting app, chrome and firefox

the packaged apps publishing aspects should be as simple to implement as possible (I would avoid vmware view or citrix xenapp if it can be done just with AD or a little more manual work); these packaged apps can be stored and/or executed on the terminal server

terminal server connection should work over rdp

the outcome:

low cost servers with as few software and resources used as possible, easy to maintain, not needing windows update (just redeploy the terminal server from a newer template with the next build) – avoiding windows patches is the main reason for this project, the secondary one is to slowly transition to thin clients

I’m open to vmware, citrix and microsoft solutions mostly, others can be considered if are really good

For a simpler perspective, the conversion of a program that needs the be installed to a single standalone executable file is the key! everything else can be sorted out with scripts

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