ESX 6.0 to ESX 6.5 with Starwind V2V


I’m migrating a DATA VM from an ESX to another with StarWind V2V. It’s working properly.

My question is, does the software use a snapshot, or does it use a delta to copy the eventuals modifications on the machine during the migration ?

Thanks a lot

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  1. Any migration of note you might want to do it offline, else your always risk some kind of corruption if the software is continually running (and if you can turn off the software – you can certainly shut down the server!).

    Only do online ones if you really cannot hope to shut it down ever, in which case you’ve got bigger problems to worry about.

    If you need to do it online though it’d probably be snapshot based if it’s V2V and live at the time, in which case it’ll lose data. You could try the VMware Converter tool to do the migration if it’s online and running a compatible OS which it does run inside the OS to do the final syncs (again though you want to switch off things doing data changes if at all possible).

  2. If you’re using Starwinds in its P2V mode (ie, on a running server, not converting VMDK files), then it creates VSS snapshots inside the server. I don’t belive it does a final sync at the end.

    If you’re just migrating between ESXi hosts, why don’t you do a vMotion? That lets you migrate without downtime, and without loss of any data deltas that would happen mid migration.

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