ESXi 6.5 unable to edit VM settings after adding new PCI device

Running ESXi profile “(Updated) ESXi-6.5.0-20201104001-standard (VMware, Inc.)” on a home server.

I am unable to edit a VMs settings after adding a new PCI Device (UHD Graphics 630 Desktop 0000:00:02.0) to the VM.

The only way I can figure to be able to edit the VM settings after adding the device is rolling back to a snapshot taken before adding the new PCI Device.

I am able to make other settings changes to the VM (like increasing the memory) and am still able to edit the VM settings after making the change.

A while back (previous profile version but still 6.5, maybe update 3?) I was able to add the PCI device to a VM and was still able to edit it afterwords.

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