ESXi 6.5U3 – cannot join domain. All Likewise services appear to be missing?!

I’m trying to join a newly installed Proliant to our domain. We’ve done this multiple times with the same model and never had an issue

However, on this one host, it looks like the LW services simply aren’t there.

When I try to list the services, it shows nothing found.

[root@XXXX:~] /usr/lib/vmware/likewise/bin/lwregshell list_keys ‘[HKEY_THIS_MACHINE]Services’
lwregshell (error = 40700 – LWREG_ERROR_NO_SUCH_KEY_OR_VALUE)
No such key or value

I’d expect to see the following:-

[HKEY_THIS_MACHINEServiceseventlog] [HKEY_THIS_MACHINEServiceslsass] [HKEY_THIS_MACHINEServiceslwio] [HKEY_THIS_MACHINEServiceslwreg] [HKEY_THIS_MACHINEServicesnetlogon] [HKEY_THIS_MACHINEServicesrdr]

Running /etc/init.d/lwsmd start generates the error


Can the services be re-installed manually??

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