ESXi 6.7 – After a reboot of host – Root password does not work anymore. I know it is the right one from password manager.. Wtf?

What can I do? It suddenly does not accept my password for root.. Its been working 100 times before but now after a reboot it doesnt work..

Please help me Its a disaster for me that my VMs dont work ..

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  1. This is a total joke… how can this happen.. I google around and there seem to be plenty others who got this problem… so what can I do to prevent it in the future..

  2. Mmm sorry man then I don’t know what is happening, very strange…. Maybe can reset password? Have seen some tutorials on Internet. Will be good to report too if you have active support contract, maybe they can identify a bug.

  3. In a somewhat similar situation, I lost root access to my VCSA when I reset the password – I possibly messed something up at one point because the new password stopped working. I wasn’t getting anywhere so I took a moment and stepped – and when I came back the password worked again. The login failure messages prior to that were generic and entirely unhelpful. Is there a lockout timer for local OS accounts I’m not aware of?

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