ESXi 6.7 on Asus mobo from Canadacomputer

Hi, I am looking to setup ESXi (free) on a computer cobbled together with desktop parts from CanadaComputers (Asus mobo, AMD cpu, etc…).


A preliminary search of the VMware HCL indicates that neither of the CPU or motherboard are on the list, but I am not doing this for enterprise purposes. This is just for a home lab to run VMs.


Has anyone had success installing 6.7 or even 7 on non-HCL hardware? If yes, is there some big gotcha like with 6.0 where you had to get the Intel desktop GB nic (which was on HCL) for it to install?

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  1. You can run esxi on non-hcl hardware

    Just make sure that your sata controller is in ahci mode, and have fast storage, ram always will be your bottleneck.

    And run a somewhat supported nic card, (please don’t say Realtek that’s crappy)

    Also have 2 flash drives 1 for the installer, and 1 for esxi yo run on.

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