ESXi 6.7 U3 (build 14320388) Unresponsive Hosts

Anyone else getting unresponsive hosts after installing U3?

The host goes into an unresponsive state and has to be hard rebooted before coming back online.

I’ve seen some similar threads, however we don’t have OpenManage installed, and don’t receive the hardware sensor alerts some have seen.

These are all Dell Poweredge servers.



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  1. Did you update the server firmware and bios as well? We had a similar issue with our poweredge hosts, here the network adapters would not come online after an update, thus the host would be in a disconnected state. Another reboot did resolve the issue.

  2. yes we have had a couple that a reboot sorted but one is jsut not playing ball, i could spend another day troubleshooting but i am just gonna rebuild it, Cisco M4 Blades.

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