ESXi 7.0 not detecting Intel 82574L Gigabit NIC

I am trying to upgrade my homelab to ESXi 7.0 and ran into an issue where my Intel NIC isn’t detected. The installer exits due to no NICs found.

I have booted an Ubuntu Live USB and running lspci lists the vendor/make as the Intel 82574L NIC. Now the thing is to me it looks like the Intel 82574L Gigabit NIC is on the HCL for ESXi 7.0.

Any ideas on how to proceed given it is a homelab?

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  1. I would go with a temporary cheap PCIe network adapter (if you have one) that would allow me to proceed through the setup wizard. Having ESXi already installed, up, and running, it would be easier to mess with the drivers. I do not exclude the possibility that the network adapter will be detected and work after installation is complete.

  2. could be a know issue?


    Reduced throughput in networking performance on Intel 82599/X540/X550 NICs

    The new queue-pair feature added to ixgben driver to improve networking performance on Intel 82599EB/X540/X550 series NICs might reduce throughput under some workloads in vSphere 7.0 as compared to vSphere 6.7.

    Workaround: To achieve the same networking performance as vSphere 6.7, you can disable the queue-pair with a module parameter. To disable the queue-pair, run the command:

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