ESXi 7.0 single hypervisor massive VMFSL 120GB partition best practices

I just set up a new Hypervisor with ESXi 7.0. It has a pair of Intel 480GB SSD’s in a RAID 1 configuration. I installed ESXi directly to the SSD, and then provisioned the datastore on the same disk.

Unfortunately, I soon determined that doing this also creates a new 120GB VMFSL partition, which I have not experienced with 6.7.

I found plenty of workarounds to limit the VMFSL partition size to say 16GB. However, these seem to be mostly homelab related. This will be for a production system. Can the autoPartitionOSDataSize=16384 option be used in a production environment to limit the VMFSL partition size? Or am I stuck with a 120GB VMFSL partition?

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  1. Could you install the esxi on a USB instead of the local disk? From what I read it seems to only create this if the local storage is used.

  2. Just install ESXi on a separate drive/array? Also not a big fan of USB/SD card installs after watching so many of them die.

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